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2nd ACP-EU Energy Facility - Results of the 2nd Call for Proposals

2nd ACP-EU Energy Facility - Results of the 3rd Call for Proposals for Energy and Fragility

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Strengthening Fishery Products

Project ID Title Area
001-09 ACP Group - Ad hoc support to ACP Delegations on WTO Doha Negotiations ACP
001-09 ACP Group - Groupe ACP - Soutient Ad hoc ACP
002-09 Mauritius - Assistance on services Mauritius
002-09 Mauritius - Assistance en matière de services Mauritius
003-09 St Vincent and the Grenadines - Assistance to sensitise stakeholders about the WTO services liberalisation St Vincent and the Grenadines
003-09 St Vincent and the Grenadines - Sensibilisation à la libéralisation du secteur des services St Vincent and the Grenadines
004-09 ACP Ministerial Meeting ACP
004-09 Conférence Ministérielle des pays ACP ACP
005-09 COMESA - Workshop to enhance the participation of COMESA members in the ongoing WTO negotiations COMESA
005-09 COMESA - Renforcement de capacités pour les négociations commerciales COMESA
006-09 Federated States of Micronesia - Legal Support and capacity Building in Trade-Related Laws and Regulations Micronesia
006-09 FS of Micronesia - Soutien (légal et capacités) pour la réglementation du commerce Micronesia
007-09 Kenya - Technical assistance to develop effective trade remedy regime Kenya
007-09 Kenya - Assistance en termes de Mesures antidumping, subventions, sauvegardes Kenya
008-09 7th WTO Ministerial Conference WTO
008-09 7e Conférence Ministérielle de l'OMC OMC
009-10 Vanuatu - Consultations on Vanuatu's Impending Accession to the WTO Vanuatu
009-10 Vanuatu - Soutien au processus d'adhésion Vanuatu
011-10 All ACP - Protection of GIs in ACP Countries ACP
011-10 Tout ACP - Protection des IGs ACP
012-10 Dominican Republic - Capacity Building in the area of negotiation on Agriculture Dominican Republic
012-10 République Dominicaine - Renforcement de capacité dans les négociations sur l'Agriculture République Dominicaine
013-10 Seychelles - Needs Assessment on SPS, TBT and Licensing to facilitate the Accession process Seychelles
013-10 013-10 Seychelles - Soutien en matière de mesures SPS TBT pour le processus d'adhésion Seychelles
014-10 Recruitment of a Regional Expert for Central Africa Central Africa
014-10 Recrutement d'un expert régional pour l'Afrique centrale Afrique centrale
015-10 Protection of GIs in ACP Countries - Conference ACP
015-10 Pays ACP - Protection des IGs - Conference ACP
016-10 COMESA - Implementation of WTO Decision on TRIPS and Public Health COMESA
016-10 COMESA - ImplementatioCOMESA - Santé Publique - Mise en oeuvre de la décision de l'OMC sur la santé publique / ADPICn of WTO Decision on TRIPS and Public Health COMESA
017-10 Training Assistance on Accession Sudan
017-10 Soudan - Formation sur le processus d'adhésion Soudan
019-10 ACP Group - Ad hoc support to ACP Delegations on WTO Doha Negotiations ACP
019-10 Groupe ACP - Nouveau soutien Ad Hoc aux délégations ACP à Genève ACP
020-10 COMESA - Implementation of the WTO decisions on Public Health – Training Workshop COMESA
020-10 COMESA - Mise en oeuvre de la décision de l'OMC sur la santé publique / ADPIC - Atelier de formation COMESA
021-11 Study on development from an ACP perspective in the DDA Negotiations – All ACP ACP
021-11 Study on development from an ACP perspective in the DDA Negotiations – All ACP ACP
024-11 Namibia - Scheduling of Commitments Namibia
024-11 Namibie - Listes de concessions Namibie
025-11 Malawi - Summary of the Project.doc Malawi
025-11 Malawi - Révision et mise à jour des réglementations liées au commerce Malawi
026-10 Ensure transparency in the trade policies and measures in accordance with the WTO Provisions DR of Congo
026-10 République Démocratique du Congo - Appui à la transparence de la politique commerciale République Démocratique du Congo
027-11 ECOWAS - Implementing the WTO ITA Agreement ECOWAS
027-11 UEMOA - Mise en oeuvre de l'accord ATI de l'OMC UEMOA
028-11 Workshop to develop OECS Positions in the negotiations at the TRIPS Council (GI Register, GI Extension, and TRIPS-CBD relationship) – OECS OECS
028-11 Workshop to develop OECS Positions in the negotiations at the TRIPS Council (GI Register, GI Extension, and TRIPS-CBD relationship) – OECS OECS
031-11 Regional Workshop to review the interaction between the WTO and EPA negotiations - EAC Region EAC Region
031-11 Regional Workshop to review the interaction between the WTO and EPA negotiations - EAC Region EAC Région
032-11 ACP Group - Ad Hoc support to the ACP Delegations in Geneva ACP
032-11 Groupe ACP - Soutien Ad Hoc aux délégations ACP à Gen ACP
033-11 Kenya - Development of a Foreign Trade Policy Strategy Paper Kenya
033-11 Kenya - Développement d'une Stratégie pour les politiques de Commerce extérieur Kenya
034-11 CARICOM - Supporting the Pursuit of CARICOM Interests in DDA Negotiations CARICOM
034-11 CARICOM - Soutien à la poursuite des intérêts du Caricom dans le PDD CARICOM
035-11 Burundi - Evaluation et révision de la règlementation relative au commerce des services Burundi
037-11 Trinidad & Tobago - Enhancing the negotiating capacity of the international trade professionals Trinidad & Tobago
037-11 Trinité-et-Tobago - Renforcement des capacités de négociation des professionnels du commerce international Trinité-et-Tobago
039-11 Pacific Countries - Establishment of health and safety standards for the production and export KAVA-based products Pacific Countries
039-11 Pacifique - Etablissement de normes de santé et de sécurité pour la production et l'exportation de produits à base du kava. Pacifique
043-11 SADC Secretariat - "Enhance the participation of SADC member countries and the role of the SADC secretariat in the Regional and multilateral trade negotiations" SADC
043-11 SADC Secrétariat - "Renforcement de la participation des pays membres du SADC et le rôle du secrétariat du SADC dans les négociations commerciales régionales et multilatérales" SADC
044-11 St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Development of a comprehensive services sector strategy for St. Vincent and the Grenadines St. Vincent and the Grenadines
044-11 Saint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines - "Développement d'une stratégie globale pour le secteur des services" Saint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines
046-11 Seychelles - Reform of customs procedures Seychelles
047-11 Mauritius - Improvement of the legal framework for the promotion of trade in Health and Education services Mauritius
047-11 Ile Maurice - Amélioration du cadre juridique pour la promotion du commerce des services de santé et d'éducation Ile Maurice
048-11 Central Africa Republic - Evaluation and review of the legal, regulatory and institutional framework on standards in accordance with TBT Agreement Central Africa Republic
048-11 République Centrafricaine - Evaluation et révision du cadre légal, réglementaire et institutionnel en matière de normalisation en conformité avec les accords sur les Obstacles Techniques au Commerce de l’OMC République Centrafricaine
049-11 Uganda - Preparation of Draft Trade Remedies Laws compatible with the WTO agreements on Anti-Dumping, Subsidies and Countervailing measures, and Safeguards Uganda
050-11 Nigeria - Implementation of the recommendations of Nigeria’s Trade Policy Review Nigeria
050-11 Nigéria - Mise en œuvre les recommandations découlant de l'Examen des politiques commerciales du Nigéria Nigéria
052-11 Cameroun/OAPI - Renforcement des capacités en matière des accords internationaux de l’OMC sur la protection et la défense des droits intellectuels (ADPIC) Cameroun/OAPI
057-12 Lesotho - TRIPS Lesotho
058-12 Kenya - Additional work on FTP Kenya
059-12 Benin - Workshop on Notification Benin
061-12 Final Meeting and SCM ACP
063-12 The Bahamas - Business services The Bahamas
064-12 Training on Customs Valuation Seychelles
065-12 ACP-EU Joint Ministerial Trade Committee ACP
066-12 Development of the curriculum for the foreign service institute, ministry of foreign affairs, Kenya Kenya
067-13 Assist the Government of Tonga in the preparation of its first WTO Trade Policy Review Tonga
068-13 4th Working Party of the WTO Accession of The Seychelles Seychelles
070-13 Pacific MC9 Preparatory Meeting ACP Pacific States
072-13 Pacific Kava project Pacific Countries
073-13 ECOWAS MC9 Preparatory Meeting ACP
074-13 ACP Ministerial Trade Committee, Brussels ACP
075-13 ACP DDA Brainstorming Session, Geneva ACP
076-13 CARICOM MC9 Preparatory Meeting ACP
077-13 Mauritius - Global Plan on services Mauritius
078-13 ECCAS MC9 Preparatory Meeting ACP
079-13 Sugar Conference ACP
080-13 Technical Study on Global Value Chains ACP
081-13 9TH WTO Ministerial Conference ACP
082-13 CARIFORUM EPA Data Verification ACP
084-13 Support The Seychelles’ Attendance of 5th Meeting of its WTO Working Party Seychelles
086-13 Support Samoa’s Participation in the 27th Geneva Week Samoa
087-13 Francophone DSU Training Course ACP
088-13 Developing Appellation d’Origine for Madagascar Madagascar
089-13 Think piece on Services ACP
090-13 Think piece on Mega-RTAs ACP
091-13 Reflection meeting on the global trade developments and ACP policy responses ACP
092-13 Think piece on Green Economy ACP
093-13 Review of Djibouti Trade and Development Strategy Djibouti
094-13 Evaluation of the results of the 9th WTO Ministerial from the perspective of ACP Sates ACP
097-13 Comoros WTO Accession Comoros

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