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ACP MTS Guidelines for Applicants

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Who can apply

  • All ACP States
  • Regional Integration Organisations
  • Government Ministries and departments responsible for trade matters
  • Civil society organisations
  • Private sector organisations
  • Research centres and Universities
  • Other stakeholders playing an active role in achieving the objectives of this programme

Type of projects and activities that can be financed

The programme will finance projects or activities that will fulfill at least one of the following:

  • Improve the beneficiaries understanding of the multilateral trading system, including the mastering of stakes of the multilateral trade negotiations to prepare proposals for submission to the WTO negotiating bodies;
  • Produce well researched trade strategies which would be endorsed by the major stakeholders in each ACP state and region;
  • Enhance participation of ACP countries and regional organizations in the WTO trade negotiations;
  • Enhance the communications between Geneva, Brussels and capital-based officials;
  • Enhance decision-making by capital-based officials on trade policy issues;
  • Build a reservoir of trade policy analysts/experts in the ACP countries.

The applicant should propose a set of activities best suited to achieve the expected concrete outputs. Projects are based on the provision of technical assistance.
Applications can include the following:

  • Institutional capacity building;
  • Workshops and seminars;
  • Training and educational programmes;
  • Technical and analytical papers on WTO issues under negotiations;
  • WTO-related technical assistance;
  • Legal review on WTO laws
  • Review of National Trade Policies to implement WTO agreements

The applicant may also propose any additional capacity-building activities relevant for their specific project.
Please note that the programme does not cover the cost of equipments.

Example of Projects

Training sessions, seminars and workshops
Capacity and institution building in the context of negotiations at the national/regional organizations, Ministries and/or Departments
Requests for experts for short term periods to address particular WTO issues
Preparation of technical papers and proposals for negotiations
Requests for legal support to align domestics law with the WTO law
Legal support in WTO disputes

The application procedure

Complete the Applicants Standard Request Form and send it back to the Project Management Unit (PMU) by email, fax or mail to. ( See address)
If the PMU considers that the information provided in the application is inadequate it will send it back to the beneficiary with the necessary comments/advice.
The PMU will be guided by objective and transparent criteria in its evaluation of the requests received according to the objectives and priorities of the Programme. Internal evaluation will take place regularly and will take account of geographical and institutional equity.
The applicant will thereafter be informed in writing on the status of the application.
The PMU, will then forward the summary of the project documentation, which it considers to be compliant with the selection criteria, to the Validation Committee for approval.
A formal notification of the results will be sent to all applicants who had submitted Requests for Assistance.

What happens next?

Implementation must be in full compliance with EU procurement rules. Following the approval of the Validation Committee, the PMU will undertake all contractual arrangements for the provision of services and inform beneficiary(ies).

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email : [email protected]
Tel: +32 2 743 06 00
Fax: +32 2 735 55 73
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