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The Summit of ACP Heads of State and Government is the supreme organ of the Group. It defines the Group´s general policy orientation.

Since 1997, Heads of State and Government of ACP member-countries have been meeting regularly to lay down the broad guidelines for the general policy of the ACP Group and give the Council of Ministers instructions relating for its implementation.

The Summit is presided over by the Head of State or Government of the host-country and organized by a Bureau comprising the President-in-Office, the outgoing President and the incoming President (if already designated).

ACP Summits :

The Fifth Summit, Khartoum, Sudan, December 2006
The Maputo Declaration, Mozambique, 2004
The Third Summit, Nadi, Fii, June 2002
The Second Summit, Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic, November 1999
The First Summit, Libreville, Gabon, November 1997

Libreville (Gabon, 1997)
Changes on the world scene at the end of the 80s, the economic problems of that era, and the end of ideological polarization prompted ACP Heads of State and Government to meet, for the first time, in Libreville, Gabon, in November 1997 to consider how to strengthen the Group by assigning more specific roles to its organs and transforming the General Secretariat from a mere support organ for the political bodies into an executive institution. The Group also decided to extend consultations among its member-countries in varied fora such as the United Nations Organisation.

Libreville Declaration

Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic, 1999)

"On the road to the 3rd millennium". This was the opportunity for the ACP Heads of State and Government to redefine the broad thrust of ACP cooperation for the new millennium. The 2nd Summit provided the opportunity to give more precise directives for intra-ACP cooperation and broadening the horizons of the Group which, while maintaining its privileged partnership with the European Union, needed to develop a dialogue with other blocs and let its voice be heard in the new economic and geopolitical context.

Santo Domingo Declaration

Nadi (Fiji, 2002)
The main theme of the Summit was: "ACP Solidarity in a globalised world". It provided guidelines for negotiating future ACP-EU Economic Partnership Agreements, as well as defining the ACP Grou´ps position in the present economic and geopolitical context.

Nadi Declaration

Maputo (Mozambique, 2004)

Maputo Declaration

Accra (Ghana, 2008)

Accra Declaration

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